Life Captured with a Click

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Introduction / Photographer Profile
Policies and Expectations

Life is made up of moments. A moment in time, even less that 1000th of a second, can convey a mood, tell a story and record history. Shutter Stories seeks to show the beauty in the mundane, the essence and personality of the subjects being photographed, and in all situations take unique, intriguing and most of all, beautiful photographs. Shutter Stories’ style is rooted in documentary-style photography, and although posed portraits are sometimes a necessity, we like to think, it's the un-posed, real life moments that are our specialty.

After almost 6 years of capturing moments at a newspaper, and learning to be prepared for the unexpected, I created Shutter Stories. I loved meeting new people, and getting to know my community as I captured the joy, humor, and even at times, the sorrow that comes with real life.

I would love to meet you, and have the privilege of photographing your event, or even being a "fly on the wall" photographing you doing what you are most passionate about. Whether that's your wedding, your child's ballet class, or your family going to the park or having dinner together. My life has been greatly enriched by meeting others and sharing their lives through photography.

So, my question to you is this: What's your story?

- Amanda Hansmeyer